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Keyless entry systems for a commercial building is a kind of digital access control that does not need the use of a conventional lock and key to enter the building. The owners of businesses no longer have to manufacture keys for each new worker they recruit, relieving them of the burden of worrying about staff members misplacing keys or giving them to unauthorized individuals. They need to install a keyless door access control system, and then they will have the ability to decide how they would want their workers to enter the building.

Keyless entry systems assist businesses in being both technologically aware and secure, thanks to advancements in technology and safety measures. Because they are synchronized with back-end software, they give additional oversight and access control data to companies, allowing such firms to increase the physical security of their premises. Additionally, they provide a mode of access that is more convenient for workers, since they eliminate the need for employees to carry keys about with them. If you want a keyless entry system installed for you, just get in touch with the professionals of Generals Locksmith San Diego.

The use of keyless entry systems comes with a plethora of extra perks, some of which we shall discuss in more detail in the following sentences.

Different Keyless Entry System Varieties

Simply put, a keyless entry system does not need the use of a traditional set of keys in order to function. A keyless entry system may be implemented in a commercial establishment in a variety of different ways. Keyless entry systems may vary from completely virtual, hands-free techniques like mobile authentication to more straightforward versions of keys like ID cards and key fobs. Mobile authentication is one example of the former kind of keyless entry system.

Keep in mind that certain keyless entry systems don’t need you to touch anything in order to get entrance, while others insist that you do. For example, biometric fingerprint authentication does not need the use of keys but does require the user to touch a sensor. During the measures that are being taken for Covid-19, you may want to keep this in mind.

Let’s take a look at all of the available choices when it comes to keyless entry systems for commercial buildings.

Methods of authentication that do not need a key

ID cards and badges: Your company may provide newly hired staff members with either ID cards or employee badges that were printed off on-site. When the employee arrives, they swipe their identification card via either a proximity scanner or a magnetic stripe reader.

Biometric readers: Instead of needing workers to input their keys, biometric readers ask for a fingerprint, palm print, or other biometric data when they enter the building. When new workers are employed, their biometric information is stored, and they simply “scan in” when they arrive at work.

Key fobs are a kind of electronic key that is often very tiny, lightweight, and designed to be conveniently connected to a keychain. In comparison to a conventional set of keys, they are often easier to use and more convenient. In addition, the back-end access control software may be used to instruct them to open numerous doors simultaneously.

The majority of the time, a keypad will be connected to a smart lock that is installed on a door. The lock may be digitally unlatched by the user by having them just enter in the right password.

Applications for mobile devices or Bluetooth: Many modern organizations use mobile applications as a way of access control. Because it is a touch-free, portable device, and because the majority of workers in today’s businesses have access to smartphones, this may be handy. The workers just need to use the mobile app on their phones to digitally unlock the door, which then makes use of Bluetooth to recognize the authentication signal.

Voice recognition technology, also known as interactive voice recognition (IVR), is used by several companies. You may install an intercom box to utilize IVR for access control, or you can have workers record their voices using a telephone or mobile device. Both options are available to you. 1. untouchable and hence devoid of germs

Some keyless entry systems do not need the user to make any physical contact with the device so that they do not spread germs. Even while not all keyless entry system options will be touch-free, there are still many technologies accessible to organizations today that can keep the workplace free of contamination and germs. This is of utmost significance for companies that are resuming operations in the age of Covid-19, but it may also serve as a preventative measure for health and safety in the not-too-distant future.

No lost keys

Have you ever had a member of your staff misplacing their keys? When keys are lost, you are required to reissue replacement keys, and, on top of that, you must change the locks to prevent any potential security breaches. If you choose an access control system that is keyless and virtual, you won’t ever have to stress about reissuing keys or replacing lost keys in a situation like this one.

Cost savings

There are numerous different ways in which companies may save money by installing keyless entry systems. To begin, your company will save money on operational expenses by using a keyless system. This is because you won’t have to print a large number of keys for your personnel, not to mention individual keys for each door. Second, since keyless entry systems aren’t as likely to be lost as physical keys are, you’ll spend less money on repairs and replacements, which will save you money overall. You will save money in addition to improving data and security if you monitor access control using back-end software. This will avoid a variety of costly losses, including theft and the loss of goods.

Provides access on a short basis

A large number of companies want the capability to provide temporary access to certain users. The most efficient method for doing so is by using a digital keyless entry system that is synchronized with software. Cards, mobile applications, and several other ways of identification may be allotted and reassigned to new users by managers with the use of this program. This results in a solution that is simpler to turn over for companies like hotels that have a high volume of customers arriving and leaving throughout the day. Other organizations may have guests or contractors coming in on specific days, and as a result, they want to make it easy for these individuals to access the building in a safe manner while maintaining convenience for themselves.

Restrictions on the use of remote access control

Back-end software is often connected with keyless entry systems, and here is where administrators may adjust various settings. Managers are able to regulate which people have access to which doors and at what hours by making use of a straightforward dashboard. For an establishment or location that, say, shuts at 5:00 p.m., the proprietors may design the security system to automatically lock all of the doors at that time and any time afterward.

Contrast this with a conventional lock and key system, in which the keys may be used whenever they are needed, irrespective of the hours. In this regard, keyless entry systems provide a solution for access control that is far more resilient.

More information and increased safety

In comparison to the conventional lock and key system, keyless entry systems that use software provide much more information on the control of access. The program provides business owners with the ability to generate information concerning entrance history, attempts to gain illegal access, visitor attendance, and a great deal more.

Keyless access control is beneficial to a company’s safety since it assures that only authorized customers are allowed inside while also preventing unauthorized customers from entering. There are many different software solutions available, and many of them let managers set up alerts that inform them of any security breaches or other concerning situations. Contrast this with the use of actual keys, which may be readily duplicated or passed on to other people and therefore end up in the wrong hands.

Integrated systems

You probably weren’t aware that digital keyless entry systems could be coupled with other back-end software and systems, but now you do. Keyless entry systems may often be combined not only with software for access control but also with systems for monitoring time and attendance, such as biometric time readers, and with payroll management software, in addition to access control software. This results in companies having access to a system that can handle payroll, employee hours, and access control all in one place.

Just call Generals Locksmith San Diego to get your keyless entry system installed at the best price and of the best quality.


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