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Nothing beats the excitement of signing the papers on a new house. Amid the excitement – and stress – of closing on a new home, there’s one task you must not overlook: changing the locks.

While you will get the keys to your new property at the closing, you cannot know how many duplicates the previous owners created and how many are still floating about. That is why it is critical to replace the locks. Generals Locksmith San Diego can do the task safely and quickly, allowing you to go on with your life.

Make a plan to change the locks in your new home.

When arranging to have a locksmith replace the locks on a new or new-to-you property, there are a few things to think about.

Plan ahead of time for the lock change.

Scheduling a lock change appointment in advance might help you save both time and money. By calling ahead of time, the locksmith can prepare the new locks and cut new keys at the business before we arrive to replace them. Preparing the locks and keys in the shop is typically faster and less costly than working on-site.

After Closing, Wait a Day

Typically, new homeowners want their door locks replaced quickly, but we suggest scheduling the service a day after closing. While we wish our customers’ closings go well, it is not unusual for them to take longer than expected when problems emerge. Arrange the locksmith service for the day following close to guarantee that the sale is completed.


Have the Correct Information on Hand?

Here’s a look at the information you should supply to the locksmith when you call to speed up the procedure.

The number of locks that must be changed

How many doorways lead into the house? Consider the back and side doors and the sliding doors and garage.

Lock Design

What kind of locks are presently in use? Is the lock included in the knob? Is there a deadbolt in place?


Do you need a less expensive solution? Are the keys just changing hands for a short time? Instead of replacing the locks, you may try just rekeying them.


Is the present degree of security in and around the house adequate? If not, request that the locksmith offer an appropriate solution for the property. Installing deadbolts or updating a smart home security system may be part of this.

You may quickly call a locksmith to replace the locks on your new house if you have this information handy.


Factors Influencing the Cost of Lock Change

Professional locksmiths can quickly replace existing lock systems in homes and businesses. There are many elements to consider when evaluating the entire cost of this service.

Purchase of New Locks – Property owners may pick and purchase their door locks and hardware, with the locksmith just charging for installation. The alternative is to contact a locksmith, obtain a suggestion for the finest hardware to secure that structure and have them offer or order the appropriate components. The cost of the items installed will be included in the total with this choice.

Lock Complexity – There is a diverse range of locks and hardware available. There are several variations available, and the price varies depending on the material, manufacturing brand, and intricacy of the lock. The lock – mortise lock, replaceable core cylinder, or high-security lock – affects the overall cost.

Modifications to the Door If the job entails changing the door or frame, the labor charges will be higher. If you decide to change the kind of lock on the door, you may need to conduct some additional work to fit the new model. If the lock design and dimensions are the same, altering it should not incur additional labor costs.

Professional installation, repairs, and replacements are guaranteed, unlike do-it-yourself projects. A reputable locksmith will prolong the hardware manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee their services. This provides an additional piece of mind to homeowners and business owners if the locks fail in the future.

Number of Locks Involved — Logically, each door accessed with the old key should have a new lock fitted. The overall cost will be determined by the number of locks replaced. Take note of the many sorts of locks that are involved. It is typically true that not all doors on residential and business premises have the same lock.

Several Key Copies Needed – Duplicates for conventional keys do not add much to the cost of replacing a home’s locks.

Many personnel needs access to the structure and its many interior rooms in a commercial enterprise or office. In this scenario, the number of keys that must be cut and duplicated must be included.


Our options when it comes to replacing locks

When changing the locks on your doors, you choose to rekeying them or replacing them entirely. Depending on how safe your house is, each has various benefits.

The amount of protection you have will be affected if you rekey or change the locks on your doors, windows, and even garage doors.

Rekeying your property entails having a locksmith modify and replace the tumblers of your locks. This action stops old keys from operating without removing the doorknobs. A rekey has two major advantages: ease and security.

It allows you to use a single key to open all of your doors. If you are renting out your house, this approach is ideal. A rekey is also preferable if you have a flatmate who requires shared access.

Another benefit of rekeying is increased security. Any old keys will be rendered unusable by a simple rekey. It disables access for everyone who previously had it. It will be sufficient to prevent unwelcome family members, ex-roommates, and even previous renters.


Why should you employ a professional locksmith to replace your locks?

Changing your locks completely might be difficult. Therefore, you should get a professional locksmith to do it for you. If a rekey is not possible, a complete lock change may be suitable. This approach provides several benefits.

If you suspect a problem with your real lock, you must remove it immediately. A faulty lock might make it easier for intruders to force open your door. By eliminating the only weak link in your house, you can ensure that your locks will last.

Another benefit of replacing locks is improved accessibility. With a new lock, you may customize its appearance. You may customize the new lock to meet your accessibility requirements or the needs of others in your household.

It is also a question of aesthetics to change your locks. Changing the style, color, or design of your door handles can improve the appearance of your doors.

Last but not least, when it comes to changing locks,

When attempting to replace the locks on your property, there are a few important elements to keep in mind.

Some locksmiths may refuse to change your locks if your new home is completely spanking new. Many new houses, particularly those in gated developments, will be equipped with a master key system managed by the developer. These are for allowing subcontractors in, so consult with your developer.

Consider experience while deciding between DIY and paying a professional locksmith. If you’re a novice, it’s best to get a locksmith to complete the job for you. Generals Locksmith San Diego does do the task quickly and neatly – without damaging your entrance.

You must also know the number and specifics of the locks you want the locksmith to perform. Every visit to the locksmith may result in a service cost. Knowing how many replacements you need allows them to plan ahead of time and saves you money on the service.

It is preferable to make an appointment ahead of time. The goal of booking ahead of time is for the locksmith to arrange new locks and keys for you. Preparing it at their business saves you a lot of money and time when the smith comes to your house.

You should also think about the funds you have for the complete replacement. Knowing your budget allows the locksmith to provide you with numerous possibilities.

Changing your locks while relocating to a new house is an important security precaution.

Make certain that no one else may enter your house and enter without your consent. Whether you’re attempting to keep past owners out or real robbers out, it’s essential to hire a locksmith to accomplish the job.

Do you want to make your house more secure? Speak with a Generals Locksmith in San Diego to learn what options are available to you.


Lock change for Newly Purchased Homes.

If you’ve just closed – or are about to close – on a home, you owe yourself a hearty congrats. Closing is just the beginning; there is much more to be done after signing the paperwork and handing over the keys.

Generals Locksmith San Diego will assist you in lightening your weight. In San Diego, we provide locksmith services to new residences. Contact Generals Locksmith San Diego for additional information on replacing the locks on your home.

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